PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Passage to Asia

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Passage to Asia

You all know by now that I’m the type of person that needs to know what I am cooking in the morning, I like to have everything prepped and ready so that when it comes to 4pm when my kids are pulling on my leg telling me they are hungry, I’m ready!

The way I was brought up, was to make everything fresh and by hand. If we wanted pasta, we would make it fresh, if we wanted bread, we would make it fresh, you get where I’m going with this.

But you know, I’m only human. And there are times, (more often than you think) where I literally can not be bothered cooking. I will look through Uber Eats about 100 times, walk in and out of the pantry, open the fridge, and eventually give up.

It wasn’t until my best friend’s sister send me a photo of a dish she made on Instagram. I will never forget it. She made a beef dish with red capsicum and onions, and the sauce was so glossy and red. It looked like something you would order from an Asian take out. 

Now, two things could have happened here. Firstly, it could have been that I opened the picture when I was really hungry, or secondly, it could have been the fact that we have been in lockdown for so long, that because it looked like it was from an Asian restaurant, I felt like she was eating out and I wasn’t!

Whatever it was, I wanted it and I wanted to make it!

Immediately I said, you need to send me the recipe! She sends me a photo back. I was ready, I had my pen ready to write the recipe. I open the photo, and it was a photo of a packet sauce. Passage to Asia - Teriyaki Chicken.

I was so shocked, I had a million questions to ask her. Was it nice? What did it taste like? Did it taste artificial? Did it taste authentic?

I don’t know about you, but for me, packet sauces are a real hit and miss. I just don’t buy them because I got so sick of buying them to try, and then end up having to throw the whole meal out because it was so bad. So, she convinced me to try one, so off I went to the supermarket to buy the Teriyaki Chicken.

I followed the instructions on the back, which were easy and straight forward. You can add whatever protein you like, and any vegetables you like. I essentially was sold on the fact they say ‘READY TO SERVE IN 20 MINUTES’.  I ended up making mine exactly like hers, however she used beef, and I chose chicken. I added red capsicum and an onion like she did and served it with rice.

Let me tell you, my kids and my husband demolished it within 5 mins! It was so tasty and full of flavour!

I now have a stash of Passage to Asia sauces in my cupboard for when I can not be bothered cooking! They are so well priced, so easy to make, and you literally can add anything to it. You all know how my kids love to get involved in the kitchen. I honestly think, if I were to chop everything up for Alessia, she could easily cook this on her own (obviously with supervision).

Now that I have become obsessed, I have ventured out and tried their other flavours. They do have a whole range. There is even a Passage to India range! My top favourites would have to be. Hoisin and Garlic, Teriyaki Chicken and Satay Chicken! Satay Chicken being still at number one!

You can find these sauces in the international section, in the Asian section at your local Coles or Woolworths. I do believe they are also stocked at IGA. Woolworths have the teriyaki sauce for $2.50, priced dropped from $2.99 and Coles also sell theirs for $2.50.


Passage to Asia sauce - $2.50
1 red capsicum - $2.50
1 large onion - $0.50
500g chicken breast - $5.00
1kg Jasmine rice- $2.95

Total to feed a family of 4: = $13.95

That’s around $3.40 per serve!

Passage Foods is Australian made and owned! All their sauces are all gluten free and are made without artificial flavours and colours. they have no added msg (which is sometimes associated with Asian cooking).

So if you are like me, and also get stuck on what to cook, grab one of these to try! They are honestly the bomb!


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