Welcome, I’m Alisha!

I am a Melbourne mum to three crazy kids, Gabriel, Alessia, and Azrael. I am the cook, creator, and the photographer behind Cooking with Alisha. Everything you see, comes straight from my kitchen to your screen!

My love for food came at a very young age. I can remember having a strong connection to food. Being Italian, I was brought up making everything from scratch.

I was always with mum, wanting to know what was for dinner. Curious to know how she cooked something, and always being involved... (remind you of anyone else around here?!)

My mum got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was then that it hit me and I appreciated all those hours by her side in the kitchen. I remember her teaching me step by step instructions, sharing her knowledge. She wanted me to inherit her way, the traditional way. She is my biggest inspiration.

I know everyone says this about their mum, but my Mum is the most inspiring woman I have ever come across. She is the one who has taught me everything I know. I still rely on her to this day when I am unsure about something.

My style of cooking is very family based. I love sharing meals and recipes with you that I enjoy serving to my family. Every single recipe has been taste tested by my family. If I don’t get the approval from them, then it doesn't get shared! I believe cooking with family and friends brings us closer together. There is nothing greater than being able to put food on the table and say dig in!

How Did Cooking With Alisha Start?

What started as a mere joke between two friends, has now become a business!

My best friends, Nicole and Carina were not the greatest cooks. They would call every day, asking for step by step instructions on how to cook a meal. It got to the point where the phone calls turned into photos.. photos turned into videos…

Every night they'd be on loudspeaker whilst I ran them through what to do next. If I didn’t answer my phone, they would ring every member in my family to see if they knew what to do!

I couldn’t understand how what felt so natural to me, was not as easy for everyone else. I didn't realise some people get so stunned with the idea of cooking that they freak out. So, they had a plan!

We got together for a little chat. They shared that they were not the only ones who felt stuck when cooking a meal. And my step by step instructions could help a lot of other people. We made a few videos and posted to social media, and the response was overwhelming.

My intention is to show you that everyone, including you can cook! You do not need to have experience, you do not need to know all the extravagant terms. Cooking does not have to be a chore, or repetitive. You just need to love eating!

What I've found is, people are sceptical about trying new recipes. They have this idea that it's challenging or it will take too long. They'll mess it up or it's too expensive.

I will show you that you don't have to blow the weekly budget for a fancy dinner. You can make amazing and delicious meals with what you have in your cupboard or your freezer.

I will help you develop your own unique connection to food. And my recipes will get you excited to be cooking for your beautiful families!

Because like the great Ratatouille movie once said;
‘Anyone can cook’

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